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Peace of mind about your future health?
It’s in your blood—that is, if you save your cells now by enrolling in GoodCell.

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Save it forward, with GoodCell.

As you age, so do your cells. They’ll never be as young as they are right now. GoodCell saves your healthy cells today so they’ll be available for potential future therapies that could enhance your health.

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Inform Health Today.

GoodCell is developing unique tests using your blood to provide you a benchmark to help guide better health decisions.

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Restore Health Tomorrow

GoodCell preserves your good cells for future cell therapies that may address the damage of disease or aging.

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Why GoodCell

GoodCell is unique. By using blood and not saliva, it’s the only product
that offers both health information and future opportunities.

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A one-time blood draw is all it takes. And we’ll come to you to do it.

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Saving your good cells now gives you your youngest cells available for future cell therapies as they emerge.

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Your GoodCell health information will be highly personalized and unique to you.

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Safe and Secure

Your personal biology sample is processed and stored in a state-of-the- art facility.

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