About GoodCell

GoodCell is offered by LifeVault Bio, a team with some of the most well-respected scientists and physicians in stem cell science and medicine. Our mission is to facilitate access to personalized biology for diagnostic and therapeutic uses that enable people to age well and live healthier lives. Our expert scientific team decided the time was right for this service because of both the rapid advances in science in recent years and the future advances that they see as highly likely in the next few years.

In essence, GoodCell is “biological life insurance.” And like all biology, it is dynamic, with the value of the insurance shifting and maturing over time. The GoodCell service stores three components of your blood - your DNA, your plasma, and your stem cells as well as other blood cell types. The value of each component that is stored for you will grow over time alongside the rapid advancement of biomedical science. GoodCell will stay connected with you and keep you informed when those science advances increase the value of your biological insurance.

Your cells will never be as young and healthy as they are now. Think of storing those blood components as backing up the contact list and photos on your phone. By backing up your youngest cells today, you’ll have your best cells available to you for your potential future use, along with the memory of the current status of biomarkers in your plasma.

The stem cells and other blood cell types stored by GoodCell, offer windows of opportunity for two types of stem cell therapies should you need them in the future: blood stem cells, which are a common part of cancer therapy today, and the ability to convert other cells in your blood into a type of stem cell called an induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell, which, in the future, could provide therapies for many diseases that affect many organs in your body.

A person’s blood-forming stem cells will never be as capable of helping cancer therapy as they are today. These stem cells age and as they do, they become less capable of doing their job. The number of blood stem cells stored initially would not be sufficient to treat cancer today, but the science of expanding those cell numbers in the lab is advancing dramatically, and GoodCell’s scientific advisors believe that the future of using your stored stem cells to treat cancer, other blood disorders or immune diseases, is near.

The iPS cell potential in the other stored blood cells comes from a technique that reprograms adult cells to a cell state with the potential to make any cell type in the human body. Cells from older patients do not reprogram as efficiently as younger cells. Also, older cells contain more genetic aberrations, only some of which are corrected by the reprogramming technique. These factors make your cells stored by GoodCell more valuable. Lastly, the type of blood cells stored by GoodCell have been shown to be highly efficient in making iPS cells, and less prone to the sun-induced mutations found in skin samples often used to make iPS cells.

Hundreds of clinical trials around the world are starting to show some benefits from therapies using adult stem cells—those stem cells, like blood stem cells, can only make certain tissue types. But iPS cells should be better than adult stem cells in this role for two reasons: they will have the same genetics as the patient, making them less likely to be rejected by the patient’s immune system; also, cells made from iPS cells are less mature than the adult stem cells being used in trials today and should be better at making all the cell types needed for a specific therapy. A few clinical trials are putting this to the test today.

Your stored plasma contains many biological markers of health, and scientists are finding out how changes in those levels over time can predict risk for disease and mortality. GoodCell can help inform you of different tests available for your stored blood plasma should you and your doctor want to track changes to your health over time.

We believe the insurance provided by your stored blood components provides a sound investment in your future health. Scientific advances are increasing the value of each of those components as routinely as your monthly bank statements. And we will help you follow those advances over time allowing you to create a new standard in self-care.