Who we are
Our team has a diverse set of backgrounds. Some of us are doctors, others are trained research scientists, and still others have experience in pharmaceuticals, healthcare administration, or business. We’re united by a passion for helping people take control of their own health — not just through access to cutting edge treatments, but through knowledge and understanding.

So who are we? We’re experienced doctors. We’re cutting edge researchers. We’re innovative entrepreneurs. Most of all, we’re optimists.

We founded GoodCell on the belief that medical science will continue to progress just as it always has. We think new and emerging research will help us treat diseases in ways we can only dream about now. And nearly every day, we see evidence for this belief. Ongoing trials are showing promise for stem cells to treat cancer, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, and many more.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of medicine, and we can’t wait to share that excitement with you.

What we do

Our primary goal is to help our users take control of their health. Personal biobanking is one great way to do that, but there are many others. That’s why we built a comprehensive healthcare analytics platform that gives users access to data and insights that relate to all aspects of their health.

The GoodCell Dashboard tracks everything from exercise and dietary habits to medical history to genetic markers, allowing users to see highly detailed, up to date information about their own health. They can even share results directly with their doctors, who will be able to help them make better informed decisions about healthcare, medication, and more.

Typical primary care physicians don’t have the technology or the resources to offer a comprehensive and proactive approach to healthcare. GoodCell does.

Our founders

Our scientific advisors