A smarter way to healthier aging

GoodCell is more than a kit.

GoodCell saves your youngest cells to leverage emerging science that could potentially restore health when you’re older and provides you with a personalized report about your ancestry and blood type to inform healthier decisions.

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How it works

Schedule an appointment with one of our mobile phlebotomists to come to you for a simple blood draw. Your blood sample will then be shipped overnight to our FDA-registered, CLIA/CAP certified laboratory.

Once received, GoodCell then separates your personalized biology into peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), DNA, and blood plasma for state-of-the-art analysis and secure storage.

What you get

Your initial purchase of $499 includes:

The GoodCell Kit

Everything needed to safely and securely collect your personal biology

In-home appointment

One of our certified phlebotomists collects and ships your sample


Your DNA, blood plasma and stem cells are processed and cryopreserved


Receive a personalized report about your ancestry and blood type

Save it forward, with a GoodCell membership

To guarantee access to your biology for many years to come, sign up for a GoodCell annual membership for $149. Your stored cells will be available for potential future cellular therapies to treat disease or the effects of aging.

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Provide your sample—and then relax

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